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Handheld Recorders

  • Olympus DS-2500 with DocShuttle Dictator
    $389.00 Choose Options Dictation Package 1 - DS-2500 w/ DocShuttle Dictator
    Includes Olympus DS-2500 Handheld Recorder DocShuttle Dictator Software Recorder supports insert/overwrite

  • Olympus DM-720 Recorder
    $149.00 Olympus DM-720 Recorder
    Over 1000 hours maximum recording time Stereo recording of MP3, WMA and WAV files Built-in 4GB flash memory and Micro SD card slot(512MB - 16GB cards)

  • Olympus DS-2500 Recorder
    $299.00 Olympus DS-2500 Recorder
    Variable Recording Modes 2 GB SD card, expandable to 32 GB easy USB connection to computers running Microsoft Windows

  • Olympus DS-2600
    $299.00 Olympus DS-2600
    With advanced features including a superior noise canceling system, 4-position slide switch, and three different recording formats, the DS-2600 will increase dictation management efficiency. Equipped with dual microphones to...

  • Olympus DS-3400 Recorder
    $399.00 $279.00 Olympus DS-3400 Recorder
    Records in .ds2 file format Insert/overwrite dictation USB cord included

  • Olympus DS-9000 Recorder
    $499.00 Olympus DS-9000 Recorder
    Digital Handheld Recorder with removable xD Memory Card New 34% larger, color screen  Improved microphone design – more sensitive – reduces recorder handling noises Li-Ion rechargeable battery - lasts longer...

  • DPM8100 Pocket Memo
    $499.00 Philips Digital DPM 8100 Pocket Memo
    Philips DPM8000 Digital Pocket Memo SDHC memory card Carrying case Li-ion battery pack USB Cable Docking station